Sainsbury's School Games 2015 - 16

As part of the P.E. curriculum we are taking part in the Sainsbury’s School Games and over the course of the year the children will compete in competitions linked to their learning in P.E..

Each team will gain points to go towards their ‘castle’ and we will be announcing the overall Sainsbury’s School Games winning castle at the end of the year.


2015 - 16

Before the October half term holiday we held 2 competitions in school.

The Y3 (Japan Class) had a Quick Sticks (hockey) Tournament. There were 4 teams and each team played 4 matches. Congratulations to Team D (green bibs) who were overall the winners.

Y4 (France Class) took part in a Rugby Competition organised by Cramlington Rockets. The children were divided into 4 teams (England, Ireland, Scotland and South Africa)

Congratulations to Scotland who were the overall winners.


Before the Christmas break we held a Y4 Football Competition in school:

Y4 (France Class) were organised into 3 teams (Red, Blue and Yellow)

Congratulations to Blue bibs who were the overall winners.


Sport Relief 2016

A huge well done to all the children for their sporting achievements on Friday 18th March to raise £600 for Sport Relief. Take a look at the photographs on the school website.


Sponsored Walk – Between them the children completed 712 laps of the playing field which equals 263.44 kms (163.69 miles).

Swimming Gala

Japan and France Class took part in a Swimming Gala at Willowburn:

1st place - Dolphins

2nd place – Sharks

3rd place - Turtles.

During the afternoon the Reception and Key Stage 1 children challenged their fitness levels even further by completing a variety of activities outdoors – hockey, hula hooping, throwing and rolling balls at targets, racing scooters round a track and catching balls in scoops. As if this was not enough they also completed a 30 minute circuit session – running, step up, star jumps, bean bag hold, to name a few of the stations visited.

The cake stall raised £110.

As well as raising money for Sport Relief the children earned points for their Castles and the Sainsbury School Games totals are as follows:

Alnwick = 264 points

Bamburgh = 291 points

Dunstanburgh = 271 points

Warkworth = 255 points


Y4 (France Class) have taken part in an inter school Chance to Shine Tournament organised by Tom Vickers.

Longhoughton fielded 2 teams to play against Hipsburn:

Congratulations to Longhoughton’s team A who won the tournament.

End of Year point scores for Sainsbury's School Games:

Alnwick = 461 points

Bamburgh = 459 points

Dunstanburgh = 428 points

Warkworth = 398 points