Longhoughton CE Primary School Governors



Governor role

Number of Governors on the Governing Body

Definition of role

Foundation Governors


A person appointed to be a

member of a school’s Governing Body, otherwise than by the LA, to ensure that the

school preserves its particular religious

character or that it is conducted in accordance with the terms of a trust deed.

Co-opted Governors


A person appointed as a Governor who the Governing Body considers to be committed to the good government and success of the school. This person may or may not work in the community served by the school.

Local Authority (LA) Governors


A person appointed as a Governor by the LA.

Parent Governors


A parent elected by other parents of children at a school to serve on the Governing Body.

Staff Governors


The Headteacher and/or people working at the school who are elected as Governors by people who are paid to work at the school.



Foundation Governors

Co-opted Governors

LA Governors

Parent Governors

Staff Governors

Helen Bishopp

Lynn Collins

Rev Ian MacKarill

Cheryl Clayton


Gareth Taylor

Nicola Threlfall

(vice Chair)


Julie Mawer

Emily McDonaugh


Mrs Tracey Critchlow(Headteacher)

Mrs Heather Mortimer(Teaching)

Mrs Nicola Mossman (Associate)

(Non teaching)


Committee One

Policies and Resources

Staffing, Finance, Behaviour & Safeguarding, Pupil Welfare

Committee Two


Curriculum (SEF/SIP/School Review) & Governing Body Development.

Tracey Critchlow

Cheryl Clayton

Lynn Collins

Julie Mawer (Clerk)

Ian MacKarill

Darren Bassett (Chair)

Tracey Critchlow

Cheryl Clayton

Nicola Threlfall (Clerk)

Heather Mortimer

Nicola Mossman

Emily McDonaugh

Helen Bishopp (Chair)


Child Protection/Safeguarding Governor – Cheryl Clayton

E-Safety Governor – Nicola Threlfall

Pupil Premium Governor – Darren Bassett

Single Central Register/Employment Records – Julie Mawer

Sports Premium Governor – Nicola Threlfall

Safer Recruitment trained – Tracey Critchlow, Nicola Threlfall


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